Lime Stone

The huge deposits of high quality limestone, having calcium carbonates varying between 90-95%, are available adjacent to the factory. The Zeal Pak Limestone quarry is spread over 6000 acres of land. The quantity of its limestone is most suitable for making any type of cement.

Earth Moving Equipment for Limestone Transportation


Superb quality plastic clay is available at a distance of 15 K.M. from the factory. The clay is free of salt and its most suitable for making cement.

Clinker Shifting by Overhead Crane


The above materials are transported by Zeal Pak own transport fleet. The limestone is directly fed into two crushers. After crushing, it is ground in Raw Mills with clay and water. The raw meal slurry produced is then fed to Kilns after undergoing excessive mixing or homogenizing process.

Zeal Pak has six long wet process Kilns, in which because of the long sizes, the process of burning materials is far better than it is in dry process Kilns.

The third crusher is used for crushing gypsum. The plant has three cement mills of 67 tph capacity. The cement storage capacity of the plant is 40,000 tons. The large scale cement loading facility is available at the packing plant by trucks, trawlers, bunkers and railway wagons upto 5000 tons per day.

Packing Plant


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