As well designed quality control program right from quarry raw material to finished products, has been implemented at Zeal Pak plant ensuring production of superior quality cement and maintaining uniformity in the achieved characteristics. Zeal Pak has continuous quality check program through its well equipped chemical and physical testing laboratories working round the clock.

Balancing Modernization and Rehabilitation

As a part of BMR Scheme, the company has undertaken installation of new crusher of 700 tph at the quarry, Long Belt Conveyor of 3.5 km length and Stacker / Reclaimer.

The BMR has been possible with the financing of the World Bank loan of US$ 8.015 million in foreign currency and arrangement of local financing by State Cement Corporation of Pakistan. The estimated cost of BMR Scheme is about Rs.420 million.

The installation of new Belt Conveyor would replace the existing outdated system of transportation of limestone from quarry to the crusher located at factory, by dump trucks. The cost of transportation constitutes a major part of the total raw material cost under the present system. In the years to come the quarry faces would move further away rendering the existing system of transportation by dumpers and trucks very uneconomical.

Privatization of the Company

On April 19, 1992 the Privatization Commission, Govt. of Pakistan declared M/s. Sardar Mohammad Ashraf D. Baluch (Pvt.) Ltd., as the successful bidder and issued letter of intent to them. Under the sale agreement executed on 14-09-1992, through the commission, between SCCP, ICP, NIT and the Buyer, 51% share of the Company have been sold to them with the right of management of the Company.

The new management under the dynamic leadership of the present Chairman of the company is making all out efforts to enhance the efficiency and the performance of the company. It is expected that company shall put a better performance in future with this change.




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