Engr. Muhammad Ashraf Malik has to his credit vast experience of Cement Industry.     He is a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Technology and has attended various Production Management Courses and Seminars in Pakistan.

He joined Zeal Pak Cement Factory Ltd., a unit of State Cement Corporation of Pakistan, in August, 1979 and worked in various capacities. At present he is working as General Manager (Production). He has an overall experience of 32 years in Cement Industry.

Engr. Muhammad Ashraf Malik improved the efficiency of the plant by making his extra ordinary efforts and reduced the cost of fuel; power as well as moisture in Kiln-Feed resulted in reduction in cost of production. He not only improved the quality of cement but also increased the production. He proved his worth by enhancing the rated capacity of Kilns and achieved the production above the rated capacity of Kilns in the prevailing facilities and environment of the Company which is a great achievement and track record in Zeal Pak.



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