Zeal Pak was established in 1956 with the collaboration and financial assistance of the said two countries in materializing the project the same was named as Zeal Pak Cement Factory Ltd. i.e. “Zeal” for Newzealand and “Pak” for Pakistan.

The company took a modest start with two wet process Kilns having a production capacity of 400 tons per day each. The venture was an immediate success technically and financially. In view of the increasing demand for cement and identical third unit was added in 1960 and a fourth unit in 1963 raising the capacity of the factory to 1600 tpd.

In October 1992, in pursuance of national policy of privatization of public sector industries, Zeal Pak’s management was handed over to M/s. Sardar Mohammad Ashraf D. Baluch (Pvt.) Ltd. The new management is making every effort to bring efficiency in all spheres of Company’s activities on sound and scientific lines.


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